Admission Procedure


An efficient process of enrolment that satisfies the needs of the students and the school.


The admission process will be facilitated by the Head of School

The enrolment process for the school year would be done twice in a year, in the months of May and December.

The student will be enrolled after a three step procedure.

A meeting will be conducted with the parents/guardian to explain the educational philosophy of the school and understand the educational beliefs of the parents. The admission forms will be issued to the parents only if the school's philosophy matches with that of the parents. The student then would be asked to attend a day at school.

The Student's day at school is the first interaction the student has with the school the objective of which is to enable the student get comfortable with the school environment. The day would begin with a tour of the school with a teacher .The student would then be expected to attend a mock class wherein a few activities from regular day school would be integrated. This would give the teacher-in-charge a chance to gauge the student's level of understanding of things and also his style of level of learning. At the end of the day the student's feedback is taken to know if the student is willing to join the school.

Finally if the student, school and the parent are satisfied with their experience , the administrative formalities like filling out the enrolment form, health card and the transport card is carried out.

The student be allocated to classes according to the school's and the student's needs.

Once admitted the student will be made to feel welcome and be teamed up with a buddy.


Tours of the school will be held by the admin executive to provide all those interested in enrolling, with information regarding the school.

The school authorities will ensure that no student is denied admission on the basis of race, gender or disability.

All enrolments will require the completion of the administrative formalities inclusive of the student health card.

It will be ensured by that the students are assessed during their day at school to determine their needs prior to the grade placement.

The policy will be reviewed by the school authorities annually.